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UK Championship Snooker Betting

UK Championship Snooker Betting

The UK Championship or UK Open is one of the biggest tournaments on the world snooker calendar. This is one of the most sought after titles following the world championship because being the champion of the United Kingdom is greater than being champion of any other country or region in the world.

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UK Championship snooker betting is difficult to call because all of the big guns come out and play in the event. There is frequently heavy intensity which sees the top seeds play each other through the later rounds to create passion, zeal and a healthy dose of excitement.

The UK Championship

The UK Championship was started back in 1977 when the first winner of the tournament was Irish player Patsy Fagan.

The UK Championship was only granted ranking status as recently as 1984 which forced the majority of professionals to start taking the event more seriously. Prior to 1984 the UK Championship was approached with a lethargic attitude by many who just wanted to top up bank balances.

The UK Championship has been a special platform which the greats of the game have played on. Alex Higgins, Steve Davis, Ronnie O'Sullivan and more have won this event which has helped to raise the profile of the game in the UK and across the world.


UK Championship betting is difficult because the majority of the top 16 players take the tournament deadly seriously. The top six seeds are naturally all going to be favourites which will lead the punter into thinking they are the best bets.

However, the slightly longer format of the UK Championship means that a bad session is not the be all and end all of a match for any player. Out of the last three finals, two have gone to a score of 10-9 which means there is value in UK Championship Snooker Betting right down to the final pot.

Format of the UK Championship

Format of the UK Championship

The format of the UK Championship works in much the same way as other tournaments in world snooker. Players must first qualify and then play each other at the first round stage. Knock out rules apply from this first stage and only the best and most determined players progress to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and then the final.

The format of the UK Championship also has a very lucrative prize purse available towards the end of the event. Prize money of just over £600,000 is up for grabs which means the tournament is serious business for any professional and amateur looking to do well.

Coverage of the UK Championship

Coverage of the UK Championship is far greater than the coverage for many other events in snooker. The tournament is shown on British domestic television which makes it one of the most accessible tournaments to watch besides from the world championship.

Coverage of the UK Championship has also exploded through the medium of the internet. More bookmakers than ever before now offer streaming options which allow users to watch UK Championship matches online. However, there is debate over whether this will continue due to exclusivity desired by British television broadcasters.

The coverage of the UK Championship is one of the things that has led to such a massive prize purse being available. Snooker can now be sold in more countries than ever before which means the value of holding the broadcasting rights is also greater than ever before.